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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Musical/Magical Weekend at Babi's Tasting Room

Hello Casa Dumetz Friends & Followers-
  It was a completely action packed weekend for your favorite tasting room in Little L.A., as the Casa Dumetz Crew embraced all of our beautiful new& returning visitors with open arms. 
   We started the weekend off with a true 'Vaquera' speaker session on Friday evening. Our event hosts, the lovely Jessica Schley & Neda DeMayo, shared their passion for wild horses while educating our wonderful tasting room crowd on their local wild horse sanctuary (Return To Freedom). 
Thank you ladies for sharing your liberating mission and philosophy with our ecstatic Babi's Tasting Room crowd!!! 

   Saturday evening the CDW crew & visitors were serenaded by a true Troubadour!s The talented Mr. Cello Joe, the craziest beatboxing cellist in the West, had a jam packed tasting room full of vibrant visitors singing along to many of his original creations throughout the evening. What an extraordinary talent, thank you Cello Joe....your spirit is contagious!!!!

Can you beatbox to a Sebastian Bach classic? This is how we roll in Little L.A. folks.....:)

        Last but certainly not least, I would of course like to give a big shout out and thank you to all of our new CDW club members and travelers who came to visit Sonja and I this weekend. We had a blast spoiling you with Sonja's delicious new 2012 vintages. Thank you all for helping to create yet again another magical Little L.A. weekend, we hope to see all of you again soon in our favorite little western town.

Also, don't forget that this coming Saturday will be our Los Alamos '3rd Saturday Stroll' from 4pm-8pm. Trust me party people, you are not going to want to miss out on this month's clever/ creative celebration!

Util next time my darlings......

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

*Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments* 


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