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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Pilgrimage Weekend At Babi's Tasting Room!

Hello Casa Dumetz Fans & Followers-
  Your Vino Vaquera is happy to report that it was a blissful and steady weekend in Little L.A., as your Casa Dumetz crew started to prepare for all of our tremendous events & musical guests at Babi's Tasting Room this May! 
  Our Friday evening speaker session was hosted by the vivacious Shannon Essa, from Santa Barbara Edible Magazine. Shannon shared not only her personal travel experiences with our delightful tasting room crowd, but proceeded to give wonderful travel insights throughout  the night to our diverse CDW fans.  

*Thank you Shannon for all of your support and dedication to the Santa Barbara County*

     The remainder of our fantastic Los Alamos weekend was complete with many travelers from near and far, who all chose to share their pilgrimage/ travel stories over Sonja's delicious vino & awesome conversation. 
   A special thank you to each and everyone of the new and friendly faces who helped to create our weekend magic here in the heart of Little L.A.! Stay tuned for the CDW May calendar , this is one month that you will not want to miss out on...too much fun! :)

Until next time my darlings.......

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

*Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments*

Monday, April 22, 2013

(April) 3rd Saturday Celebration In Little L.A.

Hello Casa Dumetz Friends & Followers-

 The word phenomenal doesn't even begin to describe our eventful and fruitful weekend in Los Alamos, CA! Casa Dumetz visitors were truly in for a treat this weekend as your favorite tasting room crew provided a line up of fantastic Little L.A. celebrations!
 We kicked off Vintners Festival/ 3rd Saturday weekend with a 'meet your local farmer' speaker session on Friday evening. Marci Jimenez, of Jimenez Family Farm/ Marci's Pies, hosted a wonderful evening while sharing her passion for farm fresh local products & supporting local farmers. Marci not only brought amazing insight to our eager crowd, but also shared some of her famous pies and quiches! 

A BIG thank you to Marci Jimenez and the fabulous Kelly Durbiano for spoiling the Casa Dumetz Crew with your savory farm fresh dishes!!!!

 Saturday was not only a busy day for your favorite little country town, but was a significant day for the entire Santa Ynez Valley. Visitors traveled from near and far to get a true taste of the central coast during the annual SYV Vintners Festival, and to party down with your favorite tasting room for our 3rd Saturday celebration! With our April theme being 'farmers', it was truly a weekend to appreciate our local winemakers and farmers alike. 
 Our April 3rd Saturday event including our first ever local farmer& artisan Little L.A. market, complete with petting zoo and hay rides for the little ones! The talented & local artist Chelsea Ward was spotted creating a beautiful chalk mural outside of  The C Gallery as the crowd at Babi's Tasting Room created there own individual 'Little L.A. farmers shoot' with the fabulous Rebecca Rivera
  A special thank you to all of our superb weekend vendors, brilliant photographers, and beautiful visitors who created our Los Alamos magic this weekend. 

  Welcome all to our quirky & vibrant community, we are so glad that many of you enjoyed our lovely Sonja and her thirst quenching/ savory vino!!! 

Until next time my dear friends......KEEP IT FRESH & LOCAL!!!

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh 
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

*Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments*