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Monday, February 25, 2013

An Island Inspired Weekend

Aloha Casa Dumetz Friends & Fans,
 We started off our weekend at Babi's Tasting Room with a bit of island flavor. The local/ talented  trop rock musician Ricky Hanna, took our Casa Dumetz crowd on a Hawaiian inspired musical journey Friday evening as he hosted another unpredictable 'Words To Live By Series'!
  Not only did Mr. Hana bring his stunning mango wood guitar to accompany him, he also welcomed our crowd to join in for a Casa Dumetz jam session at the end of the evening!
  A special thank you to Ricky Hanna and our fantastic Friday crowd for a one of a kind musical evening!

Living on island time....if only for a night...he he :)

   The rest of our Little L.A. weekend was simply divine. The sun was worm and welcoming as enthusiastic vino lovers traveled to the breathtaking Santa Ynez Valley for a wine/ weekend getaway. Sonja and I continue to meet the most fascinating and incredible souls every week in the heart of Los Alamos, and this past weekend was absolutely no exception.
   Thank you to all who chose to celebrate you special moments with the Casa Dumetz crew this weekend, and are hoping to see each and everyone of your smiling faces soon.

Heart is Full :)

Until next time my darlings....

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

C.Leigh xo
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

*Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments*

Friday, February 22, 2013

**VIP Vaquera Mail**

Hello All-
     We will be having master perfumer, Miss Sarah Horowitz, in the house from 4:00pm -5:00pm tomorrow evening for an intimate conversation on the beauty of essential oils. Are you interested in defining your very own scent with an incredible  mixologist?  Please join Sarah and the Casa Dumetz crew at Babi's Tasting Room for an hour of great conversation, and bring your questions!!!

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,
xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lovefest in Little L.A.

Hello Casa Dumetz Club Members & Friends-

 It is safe to say that our darling little town of Los Alamos was filled with an eminence amount of love and gratitude this holiday weekend. All weekend long, Babi's Tasting Room was filled with vino lovers and sweethearts who decided to celebrate Valentines weekend Casa Dumetz style.
   We kicked off our spectacular weekend off with a beautiful Thursday with customers that were eager for their art& wine therapy time and to share a savory glass of vino with that special someone. We even had a Valentines Day 'Pick Up Line' contest... the word hysterical would not even begin to describe these humorous one liners!!! :)

   Friday evening we were blessed to have the fantastic Kam Jacoby, of Allan Hancock College, who shared his vision through the lens of life and his passion for art and photography.
   A special thank you to Kam for hosting an inspirational and humbling event at Babi's Tasting Room!

  Saturday was a day full of chaos and pure bliss for the Casa Dumetz Wines crew  and the town of Little L.A.  Our celebrity winemaker was not only rocking the house at The Garagiste Festival but continued to bring the party back for our Los Alamos evening stroll event. What a a phenomenal tasting turn out complimented by vivacious energy throughout the day. Lovefest was a great success, thank you to all of our visitors who shared your best and worst love stories "open mic style' with the tasting room crowd!
    The ladies of Casa Dumetz Wines also received a speical Happy Valentines Day / Lovefest weekend shout out from Anaheim Angel's catcher Carlos Rameriez. Stephen Susdorf from the Philadelphia Phillies also stopped by the tasting room with his lovely family this weekend for a wine and pie tasting by Marie's Pies/ Jimenez Family Farms. The Bab's Grenache and Fransisco Syrah paired blissfully with their superb berry pies! Casa Dumetz Wines wishes both Carlos and Stephen best of luck with MLB Spring Training 2013 in AZ AND FL, thank you for your support!

- For The Love OF The Game-

**Blessed in Little L.A! Thank You letting us spoil you and your loved ones **
   The event was then followed by a mellow and warm California Sunday as visitors stopped by to stock up on some of their favorite Casa Dumetz vino and for memorable conversation after a fun filled weekend. We appreciate all of you more than you know, thank you for participating in our weekend magic.

Until next time dear Little little L.A. fans & followers.....

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

C.Ligh xo
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

Enjoy a few of my favorite 'Lovefest' weekend moments..:)