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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Cheesy & Celebratory Weekend @ Babi's Tasting Room!

Hello Casa Dumetz Friends & Followers-
 This weekend your favorite tasting crew was visited by many blissful souls and creative spirits, who were longing to taste that perfect Summer wine. From the extremely inviting Roussanne '12 to the lovely/ lingering Syrah Rose '12, Miss Sonja Magdevski was pleased to spoil all of our little L.A. guests with her hand crafted (with love) vino!  
 Our speaker session last Friday was hosted by a true artisan cheese guru, Miss Mary Hawes. Mary not only broke down all of the components for making the freshest possible cheese in your own kitchen, but also shared a few special family recipes of her own. 

superb milk+ fresh cream= savory cheese 

 A special thank you to Mary Hawes for sharing her energy and delicious passion with our ecstatic tasting room crowd! 

   The remainder of the weekend was truly complete with plenty of new faces, enthusiastic club members, and quite a few reasons to celebrate with a few of CDW's favorite folks!
   A very special to the darling Eric Gonzalez for choosing to share your special day with the Casa Dumetz crew. It was our pleasure to create a bit of birthday magic in Little L.A. with you this weekend! 

Util next time my dear friends........

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera) 

Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 3RD Saturday Celebration

Hello Casa Dumetz Friends & Followers-
    What an action packed Fathers Day weekend it was here in beautiful Los Alamos, and as always your favorite tasting room crew was providing blissful entertainment for all. 

 We kicked off our holiday weekend with a fascinating speaker series hosted by Mathayu Warren Lane of Hollywood Access Services. Mathayu charmed the Babi's tasting room crowd by discussing the latest in entertainment & technology for the visually impaired. 

Casa Dumetz wishes Matheyu the best of luck with the incredible Solo DX technology. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

   Saturday was our June 3rd Saturday Celebration & Fashion Stroll in the heart of Little L.A.! Familys, fathers, and fashionistas gathered from near and far to support local artisans and our eclectic/ vibrant Los Alamos businesses. 
   A huge thank you to all of our talented artisans and models who helped to create a whole different level of magic this weekend for Little L.A. visitors. 
  The Casa Dumetz Crew would also like to thank are amazing club members and fans for stopping by to enjoy our latest vino releases & for bringing their hottest dance moves to the tasting room floor. 

We Love You DJ Peetey!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photography by Luis Ramirez 

  Util next time my darlings........

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Lovely Summer Weekend At Babi's Tasting Room

Hello Casa Dumetz Fans & Followers-
 The phenomenal Summer weather was in full effect this weekend on the Central Coast, as thirsty visitors & beautiful souls traveled from near and far to get a taste of Sonja Magdevski's latest vino releases.

 Friday evening, the Casa Dumetz Crew welcomed Dr.Claudia Taylor to the heart of Little L.A. with open arms. Claudia, UCSB Research Scientist/ kind spirit, hosted a warm and refreshing speaker session for a lively tasting room crowd.
 Not only did Claudia inform our guests of the importance of local oak trees and biodiversity in the Santa Ynez Valley, but also provided small oak trees as door prizes for our fascinated guests. 

Thank You Dr. Claudia Taylor for sharing your passion & energy!


  The remainder of our sensational weekend was completed with many new faces and 'Goods Club Members'!!A special thank you to all who shared their stories & engaged in fantastic conversation over delicious Casa Dumetz vino. 


 Also don't forget folks, next weekend is our Los Alamos 3rd Saturday/ Fashion Stroll celebration. Join us in supporting our local businesses & artisans over a chilled glass of Viognier and the latest and greatest hits from CDW'S very own DJ Peetey. 

Until next time my dear friends.....

Live..Laugh..I Love Los Alamos,

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera) 

Please enjoy a few of my favorite weekend moments!!!